Away from daily life
A Journey to Heal Yourself


Retreat (リトリート)

Time to face yourself

It is not a trip to visit tourist attractions, eat delicious food, etc.
It is a healing journey to face yourself and spend a relaxing time with physical exercises and meals that are good for your body.

We offer luxury holidays spent to relax.



Face myself.

 Rest your mind and body in
 a place rich in nature,
 forgetting your busy daily life.

 Time flows leisurely. Free your thoughts.

広島 ベースキャンプ

・Administration Building
・Bio Toilet
・Glamping and BBQ area
・Playground equipment

The well-equipped facilities make for a comfortable stay.


How to spend time at Ryuzu Forest

・Trekking for moderate exercise
・Hug a tree and release stress.
・Relax by the firewood
・Meditation by the waterfall


We love the forest and know it well,
and we will guide you through the process. Beginners are welcome.

りゅうずの森 登山

trekking tour

・Walking trek to Komagetaki Falls (drink / star reading included)
・Café de la Richesses Roku’s Lunch Recommendations
・Sauna Experience

11:00~14:00 ¥5,500 / 1人

Tree Hug Tour

・Tree Hugging in the “ryuzunomori”
・Café de la Richesses Six recommended sweets (with drink)
・bonfire experience

14:30~17:30 ¥4,500 / 1人

No preparation is required.
Feel free to join us!


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Working Adults
New Travel Style

Life in modern society is busy with work and daily life.
It is stressful.
Troublesome relationships and work pressure,
Too busy schedule、Every day, mind, body, and brain work at full capacity
Stress and fatigue accumulate rapidly.

At such times,
retreats are what we need.

Visit a “ryuzunomori” cut off from everyday life,
Why not spend some time just to heal yourself?